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Gunsmith Services

I repair and perform custom work on most firearms

I do trigger jobs on most rifles and handguns. My specialty is doing match action jobs on most Smith & Wessons, most types of 1911 style pistols, and most types of semi-automatic pistols

I install recoil pads, DuraCoat, custom sights installed, scopes mounted and bore sighted, rifles drilled and tapped for scope mounting, if needed.

I do complete firearms cleaning and lubrication services and it is done right. Your weapon is completely striped, washed, inspected and upon reassembly, it is properly lubricated. If I should find a problem, I will call you first, no surprises when you come to get your firearm. All old replaced parts are returned to you.

I am good at what I do, simply because I really enjoy doing precision work on firearms. I take extreme pride in my work and I promise to treat your firearm as if it was my own. If you leave your firearm for any type of service, it will be returned in the same condition you left it.

All my work is 100%, no questions asked guaranteed on the work I do.

Please Note: I do not work on Black Powder guns or guns made of pot metal.